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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm a recent SP4 owner switching over from Android. In truth, I've had nothing but problems with my new device, which has now culminating in a huge problem. I was hoping the friendly folks here can assist me.

    I was having problems with the windows mail 10 and calendar apps, which I think are excellent and so I contacted MS. The technician accessed my SP4 and after 2 hr of trying to solve the problem, recommended I do a windows refresh to wipe everything and start over. This was not an issue as I have not put anything important on the device. I'm still porting over from android. I did a windows refresh and agreed to wipe everything. There were no issues with the reset stage, took only 20 min. The problem arose during the windows installation stage. The whole process got to 10% completion and sat at 16% for the driver installation phase. It sat at this point for almost 2 hr. This happened to me during the Nov update and so, I reset the device. Everything went fine for the rest of the Nov update. However, last night, after the reboot, I received an error message stating a reboot had occurred during the installation and I have to reboot again. When I reboot, I get the same message, leaving me in a loop that I cannot get out of. Can someone please provide a dumbed down explanation on how to fix this? I realize the error was my own doing, but at the moment, I have a very expensive paperwork, which, I'd prefer to use for something other than weighting down paper. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you most kindly,
    12-11-2015 08:50 AM

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