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    Hello guys! i have this weird issue, for the past couple of days one of the svchost.exe processes has been using increasingly more ram. 2 days ago it was 400kK, now it's 480kK. All the services attached to it have a PID of 620 and seem to have to do with the internet, ips, authentication etc. However that was not an issue before, my mediocre computer has 4gb of ram and i do a lot of gaming so i tend to monitor ram and cpu usage a lot trying to tweak games so i can get a stable framerate, and i ussualy idled at 6-10% usage, with svchost not even being on the top, and now i idle at 48% usage. Plz do help me as it is making playing fallout 4 on this toaster pweeetty difficult. thanks!
    12-14-2015 10:54 AM

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