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    I've witnessed the problem on two different handsets, linked to the two different MS accounts; in one case, with the clean install; in another, with clean install + restore from backup (that was made on WP8.1). Both are on 10.0.10586.

    The problem is that, although Windows is linked to the Microsoft account, it is not displayed in the Outlook app. When I press "add account" in Outlook, there is an option "your microsoft account" with the MS logo. Once I selected it, there was a message like "your account was successfully added"; yet the list of accounts in Outlook did not change, and this option did not appear in the list of supported account types anymore. I've also tried manually adding outlook account from Outlook app (i.e. entering username, password, two-factor authentication code); there too was a message "your account was successfully added", yet the list of accounts still did not change, and there still was no Outlook account. So the user is unable to read mail from their outlook.com account; meanwhile, gmail and other services work fine in the Outlook app.

    In the system settings, there is an outlook account, so the problem is clearly with how Outlook app manages accounts. I've tried disabling and re-enabling mail sync for this account in the system settings, yet it did not help.

    Meanwhile, everything works fine on PC version of W10, with the same Outlook app and the same accounts.

    I've tried to search this problem in Google to check if it is a common one, yet there were no relevant results. Considering that it appeared with me two times out of three, either my search terms were too generic, or the given scenario (user performing a clean install of W10 mobile, and actually using their outlook.com account for e-mails) is rare, which I doubt.

    What else could I do?
    12-19-2015 05:08 AM

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