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    Hi , after a hard rest n re installing software via WDRT the biggest problem I have now is battery. Other than the fact that it is decreasing rapidly, I also have battery percentage issues. First of them is the long 100% -- when my phone is charged at 100%, I don't unplug it immediately or it will drain fast. So if I wait for 30 mins, that usually helps a little. After unplugging, it stays at 100% for like 35-40 minutes, moderate to heavy use. That's longer than other percentage, because once it goes down to 99%, it will fall down easily to 98%...97%...96%. Like that. Usually it takes around 40 minutes to have 10% of the battery bar down, moderate use.
    Next, when restarting our soft resetting, my battery oddly jumps down. For example I have 60% and I restarted, it goes down to 52% which totally wastes like the 8% of it.
    12-20-2015 05:34 AM

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