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    Hey guys, so recently, it was raining really hard when i was coming home and it seems that my Samsung Ativ S Neo got wet in the process. I dried it off and everything seem fined at first (everything worked, touchscreen and all buttons). This is not the first time my phone gets wet and every time it does I need to wait a while before it can even start charging (I would connect the charger but it would not charge/detect it). Anyways, that night i went to sleep, when i woke up i tried to access my phone to see that my power button did not wake up my phone so i decided to pull out the battery and turn it back on. When i did the buttons did work again but every time i pressed the power button it gave me the "something has changed screen" WP8.1 would give you when you first get it and you try to take a screenshot (which i believe in WP8 was power and home button). Also, the volume button up works when did happens but volume down does NOT lower the volume (pressing it with power button still takes a screenshot however), and when i press any of the volume or power button the back and search button stop working (the home button does NOT work at all). I restarted the phone once more to find out that when i log-press the back button and while holding it if i press the volume button it allows the back and search keys to work without any problem and the home and volume down keys do not get stuck. At this point the home button is COMPLETELY broken and does not work at all. I opened the phone and checked to see if maybe the dock wasn't connected well to the motherboard but it was. Playing around with the connector i got the home button to work SOMETIMES and if i disconnect the connector from what gives the back and search button light, the buttons work no matter what. So because the home button does not work and when the glitch happens and I press home button it tells me the "something has changed" screen i figured that i would need to replace the dock... but i also fear that maybe the motherboard is messed up.... So my question is.. after all this information, what do you guys think, is it the motherboard or the dock that i need to get replaced? (If you need more information i will give it to you).
    12-21-2015 06:43 PM

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