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    I know i'll get attacked by all the die hard microsoft lovers but i too am a microsoft lover, i have been using windows mobile since the HTC HD7 came out, i then had a Lumia 920 then the 930, i have a surface instead of the cheaper tablets out there, i've given microsoft a fair go but now i've given up.
    Why did microsoft release such expensive new devices (950 & 950xl) and let them enter the market with issues, without app updates? Eg (I still cant even send a DM in instagram, and its still beta)
    Do they not care about their name, do they not want customers to love and recommend their phones to their friends and family and talk them out of buying an apple or android device? Do they always want to be 3rd in the race?
    I have tried to stick with windows mobile and always find myself wanting more from the OS and more importantly the apps. The apps lack in comparison to the oppositions apps. I always find myself going back to my other device to do things i need to do, i then go back to my Windows device thinking "it'll get better, they'll update it soon" but it hasn't gotten better, it didnt update.
    I pre ordered a 950xl expecting to have all my dreams come true and have all the apps equal to or better than the android and ios apps but no, they still lack features.
    My 950xl has now been returned for a refund. Goodbye microsoft. ;-(
    12-26-2015 05:12 PM
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    WindowsCentral is a fan based site that is not affiliated with Microsoft. You'll need to contact Microsoft using its official channels.
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    12-26-2015 05:14 PM

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