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    I replaced my Lumia 625's digitizer last night and it worked perfectly fine(I used CrazyFire's digitizer replacement bought on Amazon).
    Today I applied some extra double-sided tape(I didn't know the replacement had glue already applied) on absolutely safe zones where it wouldn't affect anything and the touch messed up. Search button stopped working and some zones of the screen weren't responding. I tried putting the old, broken digitizer back and still had the same problem. When I placed the new one, Back, Home and Search buttons stopped working completely and almost the entire screen wasn't responding to my touch. I tried disassembling and reassembling and nothing changed.
    I have some ideas of what the problem is but I decided to ask here. According to stuff I've read, the problem might be the software, the digitizer connector or screen alignment/calibration problems, but, like I said, I decided to ask. If you need any extra data, let me know.
    Please help me. Thanks for reading.
    12-30-2015 03:27 PM

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