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    Need some help with my Lumia 830. I bought it a year ago today but with 2 years on the warranty there's not rush for advice.

    I've had a minor issue with my phone for months, I believe thanks to the Clock Hub and Analog Clock Tile apps. With either installed, I found that my phone would lock up overnight and wouldn't work correctly in the morning. Restarting the phone by holding the power button down until it vibrates and forced a reboot always fixed the problem. Pretty happy that one or both apps were causing it as removing both fixed the issue. To me it was a minor issue and I was therefore happy to live with it.

    However, back on the 19th the same thing happened and when rebooting it got stuck in a reboot loop. After a few attempts of restarting I finally got it to boot to the start screen but not without many issues.

    Mass corruption of apps. Most don't work, either by not loading at all, or loading then crashing. I probably have 200ish apps installed. For some of them, the tile is now the solid theme colour and they don't work.

    Some apps have corrupted names with random symbols - probably the dev name, app and version number in the app title. The same happened to the Lumia Camera app and while it is still listed as such reinstalling it fixed it.

    Screenshots rarely take and some of the system apps are broken (so I can't easily get pictures to show the problem). More than half of the options in the settings menu also do nothing, however backup is enabled

    The problem for me is that there are plenty of apps on my phone that are no longer available, so I have no idea whether they are permanently lost.

    Need some suggestions for fixing it. The 3 options I can think of, in order of preference for me are as follows:

    1) Ideally I'd be happier with a software repair that doesn't require wiping the phone and restoring from a backup, to keep game save progress and delisted apps.
    2) I can try the Win 10 insider to see if it fixes it
    3) Use the WDRT to restore 8.1 GDR2 and try a restore from backup.

    The catch is that I'm seriously looking at getting a Lumia 950 within the next few weeks, so long as the US store gets the dual sim version back in stock (my girlfriend being American make it easier for me to get one and she is happy to get it for me). I wasn't planning on disposing of the phone but if restoring from a backup doesn't recover all the apps currently on my phone I'll be more than happy to sell it on - it's been a good, but unspectacular handset.

    12-31-2015 10:44 AM

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