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    This feels like another battle of which surface is best but I wanted to ask a specific question about m3-6Y30 vs i5-3337U CPUs.
    I am using LG Z360 GH60K which has i5-3337U Ivybridge and 4GB/128GB.
    I want to change to surface pro 4 and I have been reading every single thread in this forum and on another website.

    I initially thought i5 8GB but after extended readings, I thought I can safely go with 4GB of RAM and fanless would be nice so I finally decided to go for M3.
    My normal usages are MS Office, videos, LaTex and web surfing (can go up to 15 tabs). When I am writing essays or projects, I typically open about 15 tabs of chrome, 5 PDFs, LaTex programme, Word (2-3), Onenote, Powerpoint (2-3) and I also love doing the work with either streaming video or watching 720p video. When I take a break, I leave everything on and play candy crush. When it is maximum, RAM usage is about 3.7GB but CPU is maxed out.
    I also dual boot to run Gentoo and the CPU is maxed out during emerging and the temperature says 80C, which I feel like it is melting down inside (but I am not intending to run linux on gentoo).
    I would also have the computer on for about 9-10 hours a day.

    Would m3-6Y30 CPU be able to tolerate the above (is it better than i5-3337U) or should I get i5?
    Current Z360 has amazingly loud fan noise, which hasnt bothered me for the last 2.5 years until I started to look into surface pro 4. I still don't care. I ran geekbench and M3 wins over my z360.

    Thanks in advance!
    12-31-2015 04:00 PM

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