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    Hi! I am looking for a that can I can use for school and also do some gaming on. I will provide some requirements that I'm looking for, then what I have it narrowed down to. Either help me choose, or if there are any that you know of that fall under this category, please list brand, model, etc...

    Note: I am currently a college student. So Portability and Power are key here.



    PRICE - UNDER $1,000
    Display Size - between 13" and 15"
    Resolution: 1920x1080 or 4K //(Doesn't matter)
    CPU - 6th Gen i5 or i7 //(if possible)
    GPU - NVIDIA GTX 960M w/ 2GB //(or higher in GBs or type = 970M, 980M, etc.)
    RAM - 8 GB or higher
    Storage - If HDD, Preferably 1TB at 7200 RPM | If SSD, 256 GB or higher
    If Computer has both SSD and HDD, even better!


    Here what I have it narrowed down to:

    Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK or Asus ROG GL552VW-DH71

    Help me choose or provide another computer that meets or exceeds these requirements.

    Thank you in advance!
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    01-02-2016 09:51 PM
  2. Unearnedtrix's Avatar
    Windows central youtube chanel posted a vid about a cheap gaming laptop not to long ago,$800 nvida 960m 4gb video card, 8gb ram, Laptop is called Dell inspiron 15 7559
    01-02-2016 11:36 PM
  3. Yuri Kechoyan's Avatar
    That is the dell laptop that I have listed. Is it any good? Have people complained about it?
    01-04-2016 11:58 PM
  4. RUCKUS_US's Avatar
    I have an ASUS ROG, it's a little more than your price but it's a ridiculous monster Machine for what you pay. I'm talking a terabyte HD another terabyte solid state HD, i7 processor, 16 gb of Ram... Go on amazon and check it out
    01-05-2016 12:41 AM

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