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    It's been three months, my phone has refused to sync my email account or update any application.

    I was surviving at first but now Whatsapp needs and update and I cant use it anymore. So I'm aksing for your help, to find me a solution that doesnt involve a factory reset since I havent backed up my data since three months now, I will lose it all.

    Now, these are the solutions I've tried:

    1)I've tried the whole reboot using power and volume down button, then setting up date and time manually, but that doesn't do me any favours.

    2)I tried to delete my email address (to load it back again), but the only open I get when I tap it is 'sync', no delete option.

    3) Anything else you can name of, all tried.

    The error code is 80070724.

    01-04-2016 04:06 PM

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