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    I figured 1st January was the best time to move my calendar from hard copy to an 'online' one. So I opened my hotmail account and clicked bottom left window button to reveal a calendar. Spent 8hrs inputting the data (which happily seemed to save itself and must have magically merged/bluetoothed (?) onto my blackberry phone.. I was super happy!
    But for 20+ years I've had a ha, rd copy calendar.. so I wanted to print it. Cue ctrlP, went to the printer and it had literally printed the page (like print screen, lopping off halfway thru my calendar ie, showing Mon - half of Sat and only 5am - 1pm ish! So I printed 'shrink to fit page' and it just did exactly the same thing but smaller.. hmmm..
    I thought maybe it didn't have the full functionality because I was in Hotmail calendar so opened Outlook. It found my hotmail account but defaulted to my work email so wouldn't show my hotmail calendar..
    Anyone know how to change calendars (I found it in the drop down box and made it 'default' but it still wouldn't show the hotmail account, only the work calendar!)
    * I want to print my hotmail calendar (like a week per page and have it on the wall so the kids can see what they're supposed to be doing and when).
    * I then want to be able to view it in a proper "outlook" view with full functionallity.
    * I've spent a lot of time making sure all my private stuff is ticked in the 'private' box so that I can merge it with my work calendar - because I want to share the work portion with other menbers of my team - and the 'private: take kids to the dentist' part with my husbands outlook calendar.
    Can anyone help? I thought that since Hotmail is Microsoft, and Outlook is Microsoft, they'd be able to sync somewhere along the line and turn me into a happy little imp!

    It all sounds perfect
    01-07-2016 02:55 PM

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