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    I am a long time Macbook user although I also owned a Surface Pro 3 for some time and loved it, although I really didn't like Windows, I find that Windows 10 is much much better. For that reason I am considering a Windows notebook, I really want a powerful ultrabook and do care about the build quality and looks of the product.
    So I wanted to know your opinion in the two alternatives I am analyzing, the Surface Book or the Razer Blade Stealth, truth be told I really don't care much about the tablet capabilites of the Surface, and although I do play games I don't think I would buy the external graphics powerhouse for the Razer. So which is the better laptop? Would be great to know your opinion.

    01-09-2016 03:13 AM
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    I really, really liked the Surface Book, and it was the reason I didn't buy a Macbook 2015 at the time, but I decided to wait. Something about the hinge seemed a bit questionable to me, so I thought I'd wait until it was released to the general public. What I read a month or two later was that the connection was not stable enough on the version with the discrete graphics processor, leading to some very disconcerting issues. I'm so glad that I waited because as an owner of a Razer Blade Pro (2013) and a Razer Blade (2015), I can attest to the quality of these products. Sure they're not perfect (it seems likely the Razer Blade 2015 could overheat if you push it as hard as you can), but they're very, very good and very well made. No hinge issues there for sure. I will be buying the external unit and have my sights set on getting the 4k 512 GB version of the Razer Blade Stealth. Sure Razer's accessories aren't always great, but the laptops do not disappoint. They (Razer laptops) may not be as well-built as Macs (I have a 15" Macbook Pro), but they're very close, and they are also far more powerful. If you're as concerned about Surface Book issues as I am, it's a very easy choice to make.
    01-15-2016 02:26 AM

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