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    I've used my (paid) Sky/OneDrive for several years without a hitch.
    Since upgrading to Win 10 Prof, am getting endless "page crashed" error messages, predominantly when uploading.
    AND: I'm ever more frequently getting nonsensical error messages like "you don't have authority to....": every time it goes through perfectly upon a second try.
    Now it even started uploading just part of a folder's content: e.g. from MAC-slideshows containting 19 files (62,7MB) it just uploads 3 files (1,2MB) and reports: "uploaded"!
    After deleting it from my OneDrive folder and attempting to upload again, the message comes "not uploaded because you already have...." (though it is not listed any more!).

    PS: Am using Win10 Pro Build 10240, 3702Mz Intel Processor, 16384MB Ram
    01-10-2016 07:06 AM

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