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    I nearly had a heart attack this weekend. My Surface Pro 3 (henceforth referred to as 'Surface') was running just fine on Saturday around 2 AM. It annoyingly notified me that the battery was low (10%), so I put it to sleep and set it aside without plugging the charger in.

    At around 10 AM that morning, the Surface refused to switch on (that's when my heard skipped a beat). I tried charging it for an hour, but that didn't help. I called Microsoft's technical support, and they had me go through the whole power button + volume button ordeal (which I'd already tried). When my device stubbornly remained off even after all the button coaxing, the Microsoft representative told me the device's drivers probably got corrupted because it ran out of battery while it was trying to update (I was not trying to update it, and I had auto update switched off). Nevertheless, since my warranty had expired only recently, they'd allow me to order a replacement for (what they seemed to believe) a ridiculously low price of $320. I decided not to order a replacement just yet, and use my backup laptop till I had a better idea of what might be wrong. (I also knew my charger was fine since I could charge my phone with it, and the little white light is always on when plugged in)

    Fast forward two days to this morning (Monday), I was showing the Surface to my colleague and whining about it. I casually hit the power button (as I'd done 7 million times after the whole 'hold it under water for 30 seconds' and 'now hold your breath for 15 seconds' business) and the damn thing purred to life. When the word 'Surface' appeared, I nearly had a second heart attack. When the lock screen came on, I noticed it had full charge, but the time had not been updated for two whole days (it said Saturday 1:14 PM).

    Seems to be working now and boy am I glad that I didn't order the replacement. However, I'd really like to know what could have gone wrong or what potential software conflicts might have led to this problem. Has anyone else had similar issues? Do you think it's a Windows 10 thing? I've noticed the 'laptab' seems to take a bit longer to switch on since I updated to Windows 10.

    Thanks for any help and suggestions, much appreciated.
    01-11-2016 12:01 PM

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