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    ok well i changed my email because my account that is on the microsoft account at the moment that email has been hacked so i deleted it and have got now a different email and i can't change it because i also don't remember that password as on my computer i have a pin instead of my account password
    01-13-2016 08:42 PM
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    Try using this method: http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...ur-device.html

    To find out what password you had on that old email go to Control Panel and search "Credentials" then click on Manage Web Credentials.

    If you need to add additional information or want to post additional questions, please join the site so you can see the reply button and continue the conversation in the same thread you originally made. Please see this link for instructions on how to join Windows Central.
    01-13-2016 09:40 PM

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