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    I've been running v10 on a lumia 640xl for 6 months now and had some fun along the way.

    Took the latest 10586.63 build recently and had no end of issues. 64Gb SD Card corrupted (Coincidence, maybe) so I installed a 128Gb SD (same make and specs) after recovering all my apps/photos/music to the card the fun started.

    Apps would crash/fail with no warning ... The phone would randomly reboot (lots) ... Store updates would fail (just sat there trying to download) ... Outlook started to fail downloading emails ... battery life was the worst I've ever seen with a 10 build ... slow and unresponsive start screen.

    Tried lots of things including :-
    a role back to 8.1 then a fresh install of 10586.63
    Re-partition and reformat of the new SD card
    Turning off background apps
    Uninstalling all but the system apps

    But, I still had all the same issues.

    I've rolled the phone back to 8.1 and it runs fine with the new SD card. So it is not card / phone hardware related. I've read several posts about issues with downloads and store issues, but nothing that pulls all this together in one place.

    Anyone else seeing the same with this build?

    v10 is an awesome OS and I've had fun testing it, but have had to leave the phone on 8.1 until I can get to the bottom of what is going on with 10586.63 as the phone is basically unusable (which is bad considering I've been on the insider program from pretty much the beginning)
    01-15-2016 04:37 AM
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    Judging from your post, I presume you're already a forum member?

    If not why haven't you joined!?

    As it would be hard to keep track if you don't join lol.
    01-15-2016 04:59 AM

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