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    As you know.. like it or not, the Lumia 520s and 521s are still the dominate windows phone. Get over it. I know you want surface. Well, you have to wait. I could have a 640, and better screen.. and a bit more mem, but why? Where is the win10 promised for my phone.. and why are the preview builds pulled for it. (Looking like some win7 crap to me).
    01-16-2016 03:54 PM
  2. libra89's Avatar
    It could be possible that not as many people on the forums use either one as a primary device to notice. Everyone is different but personally I can't picture myself using a 512 Mb device again.
    01-16-2016 04:04 PM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    What do you mean the preview has been pulled? I got a 521 up to speed on Insider just a few days ago.

    Also we're not Microsoft, just a bunch of random people tied together with a common interest.
    libra89 and thejimmydmyers like this.
    01-16-2016 05:21 PM

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