1. adam marley's Avatar
    I can't sign in But when I keep try signing in more using Microsoft account it says"no builds" we were not able to find a preview made for you please confirm you are registered with windows insiders program and your phone meets the system requirements.....

    I have already get registered in windows insider program


    my phone is Lumia 1320

    App version -
    OS version - 8.10.12400.899
    Branch - WPMAIN
    Model - RM-995_nam_att_958
    FW version - 3058.50000.1429.0002
    IMEI - <redacted - never post IMEI, Phone number, Email address or other personal information on public forums>
    MEID - Not Available
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    01-17-2016 02:46 AM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Your device does not have Denim. It will not pass Insider check.

    Cricket never released Denim firmware for your variant.
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    01-17-2016 03:19 PM
  3. adam marley's Avatar
    Ok so no way out!
    If I want win10 I should find the new phone???
    01-17-2016 10:45 PM
  4. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Either a new phone, or find a suitable ROM to cross flash to your 1320. I suspect Cricket has that option locked out in the firmware as well. I couldn't say for sure, but it seems pretty certain. ATT (which owns Cricket) has been on a bit of a bender in that regard, preventing debranding their phones. From all I've read, Cricket is on the restrictive side with devices.
    01-17-2016 11:58 PM

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