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    Its been awhile since i posted in forums, but recently i just bought the Xbox one and i been messing around getting to know the console and after playing for a few weeks i just feel like i need a headset to be able to communicate with my friends. So i have these Trittons 720 + 7.1 and i use the optical for sound while using HDMI for video. Like on the Xbox 360 i plug it in onto the Xbox one just to see if the game sound works and it does, but Ive been straining searching online to see if my headset is compatible with the Xbox one adapter which i only intend to use for chat. I know one of the functions it has is your able to switch between game and audio on the adapter but i rather much do just that for game sound on the headset in wire. But i cant seem to make a decision to buy the Xbox one adapter brand new that comes with a 2.5 female to 3.5mm male cable or do i need to buy the adapter from Trittons itself? They do offer an Xbox one adapter for Trittons headsets but it lists compatible Trittons and mine wasn't among them.. So yeah i have second guesses here and i need to make a decision but at the same time save money from buying another headset for another console, when deep down i know in all this theres a way to make this work somehow as im well taught in anything electronics or cable related, ect. im a fast learner and any help would be appreciated. No im not interested in soldering or takeing apart voiding any warranties in fact i intend to get warranties on everything like i have already on my new white xbox one.
    01-18-2016 06:10 AM

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