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    So bit the bullet a week ago:
    1) left Insider Program
    2) got new FW
    3) WDRT down to .00
    4) upgraded to .29
    5) entered Insider and upgraded to .63
    6) reset the device
    7) setup with Live ID
    8) restored from a .36 backup

    All seemed fine for the first few days. After about 1 week:

    - random reboots have increased to about 2-4 per day
    - all of sudden rapid battery drain
    - Windows Default Lock Screen using huge battery life
    - frequent drop BT in the car

    Has become unusable and unstable.

    My thoughts:
    1) SD card have formatted in the phone to see if that helped. This AM two random reboots
    2) have taken the SD card out now. So trying that.

    Community assist:
    1) replace the device?
    2) .63 related?
    3) SD card related?
    4) WDRT down to .00 upgrade to .29 and do not restore?

    Where do you think I went wrong and what would you recommend?
    01-23-2016 12:14 PM

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