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    Like many people, I suppose, I want the sound of my computer to come out of the computer, when I am sitting in front of it and out of my TV when I am watching a movie. For some reason, when I press Windows key + P to swap from TV to computer or back, the sound does not always follow, so I have to do it manually (I need to press right mouse touch on the sound icon and then I have to think each time because it is not very clear). I had the same problem with my previous computer, that ran on Ubuntu. It is quite strange that both Linux and Windows engineers keep inventing useless gimmicks but cannot solve the basic issues. The problem will disappear from time to time and come back after a few weeks. Strange, in't?
    Related question: I like to send the sound to my audio equipement when I listen to music. Is there some other way than plugging and unplugging the cable each time? I'd really live to have a small app that would allow me to decide where the sound goes according to what I want.
    01-24-2016 03:43 AM

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