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    In the past I made the mistake to use my Gmail account to create a new Microsoft account (previously known as Microsoft Passport). At that moment everything worked like a charm. Reading mails on my WP8 was easy and worked as expected.

    Then Google decided to boycott Microsoft. They made sure that it was almost impossible to connection to a Gmail account from a WP device. Luckily MS gave us a way to connect your Gmail to a Outlook.com account (as described here http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/gmail). Because my MS account used the same login (ex. myName@gmail.com) as my Gmail account, this was a very easy way to fix things. I immediately did this and at first it did what it had to.

    After a while I found it frustrating that my emails were now synced on 2 mailboxes using the same login. On my desktop (where I use Outlook 2015) I connect directly to the Gmail account and on my phone (now WM10) I can only connect to the Outlook.com one. This is annoying because when I read mails on my phone, they are still unread on my PC.

    I read that it is now possible again to connect directly to Gmail on WM10. So I tried to add my Gmail account again. I then found out that this wasn't possible because there was already an account with the same login (myName@gmail.com). Normally you can just delete the old account (Outlook.com) before adding the new one. But since my ďmyName@gmail.comĒ is also known as my MS account, I can't delete it. It is tied to the account and will always connect to Outlook.com.

    I have this issue for a while now but never found a way to fix this. A solution might be to delete the Outlook.com variant but I donít know if this is possible since it is on my MS account and I surely donít want to use that one.

    Did some of you guys made the same mistake as I did?
    Is there a way to solve this?
    01-24-2016 07:52 AM

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