1. Dennis Griffith's Avatar
    Encrypting phone
    Should I encrypt my lumnia 640
    Been having problems when I leave home and use free WiFi spots
    Also how can I block numbers text and voice
    Thanks in advance
    01-25-2016 11:08 AM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Sorry about the double move on your thread... I had meant to move the thread that was next to this. So when I saw the mistake, I moved you back to AaQ.

    Blocking... Unfortunately you can't simply type a number in.

    Open Phone and in the call history list > hold down on number > select block > this blocks voice > repeat for messaging to block text. Note that the number has to be in your history, so you can't block someone before they have called you or before they have texted. Each form has to come in before it can be blocked and it only blocks that form.

    Encryption.... What kind of problems are you having on WiFi?
    01-25-2016 01:03 PM