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    hi! Just bought a new computer to my niece. Since she doesnt speak english verry well i would like the settings in spanish...is that possible? Have been searching in controlpanel and settings but can only change the keyboard.
    01-30-2016 10:02 AM
  2. TechFreak1's Avatar
    Yes, it is possible will most likely need to download a language pack.

    Since it is a new computer I'm presuming it runs windows 10, so for quickness here is a quick walk through.

    1) Settings -> Region & Language -> Change the country at the top to preferred region

    2) Below that you will see add language, click the plus icon and you will get list of countries.

    It is sorted Alphabetically by Country name, so you will need to go Spain to find Espanol.

    3) Once found you will get another list which is also sorted alphabetically (via the english name in brackets).

    After selecting your choice, for example for this quick walk through I will use Espana so if you chose Espana.

    Espana will be listed as a new entry above the current language in use.

    Windows update will look for the language pack automatically and install.

    Once installed click on Espana once and you will see three options "set as default" (click once to make it your default language), "options" (this allows you to add speech and keyboard for Espana) and "remove" (self explanatory).

    Please join and let us know if it works, or confirm what operating system the computer is running.

    You can easily confirm that by right clicking the the task bar -> task manager -> file -> run new task -> type in winver.
    01-30-2016 10:47 AM

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