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    my wifi shows very weak signal strength although it catches almost all nearby wifi but the signals are at their lowest bar, I have lumia 720 and my friend has the same handset , he receives full signal in his phone standing on the same place and connected to the same router whereas i have no or very weak signal. Also when i connect to any wifi ,(standing away from router)signal just after connecting shows full and just within seconds drops to its lowest.But when i am close to the router i get full signal.help me out, i have already tried performing soft reset.
    02-07-2016 03:42 PM
  2. AV2RY's Avatar
    I would Delete wifi from my phone and reconnect. Maybe that will fix it

    I wouldn't do this but maybe hard reset can fix your issue.

    Also, even though the signal drops maybe your speed is not affects at all. Install Speedtest.net app (you and your friend) and see if your connection speed matches
    02-07-2016 04:31 PM

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