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    In early Feb 2016 my Nokia Lumia 710 stopped syncing with / downloading messages from my yahoo.com.au email account. No changes were made to the email account or the settings within the handset - it just stopped working.

    All other aspects of the phone still work fine and I can still access the email account via POP from my laptop's Outlook.

    I have tried deleting the email account from the phone and then re-adding it - no luck.
    I have tried various versions of the server / SSL settings on he phone (including mirroring those that work from Outlook) - no luck
    I have tried from both wifi and mobile data connections - no luck
    I have enabled 2FA within Yahoo's web interface and entered a dedicated custom application password for the phone - no luck.

    I suspect this is likely something simple that I am overlooking but it has me stumped. Any advice on how to overcome this SNAFU would be greatly appreciated.
    02-17-2016 10:37 AM

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