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    Seriously, how do the people who work for the richest person in the entire world (bill gates, richest person in the world) making the world's main computer OS sit around and make this stuff? Do they say, 'Let's make Windows 10 even worse than 8 was to XP, no?". "Let's remove functionality from photo viewer, and so many other things, and replace it with a useless app that does less and is stupid, good idea, right?", "Yea let's definitely make everything worse. And to fix it they have to hack the registry and possibly mess up their whole computer and/or use sketchy downloads and third party plugins and stuff, if it even can be fixed".

    I figured out through other peoples' forum threads how to make Photo Viewer default instead of the Photo app or whatever it is which doesn't even let you even zoom with mouse scroll wheel. There's a stupid + - you have to click to get like a %3 zoom each time, very nice change.

    But still, after changing the default viewer, when I select 5 photos to view, Normally you'd get them all in one window, and you click Next to scroll through them, And you would only scroll through the 5 you selected, not the entirety of the folder's photos which is what's happening. I select 5 photos and it opens 5 separate windows. And if I scroll Next for one of the photos, it won't even only scroll though the 5 I selected, it goes in some other order.

    I don't know why no one has mentioned this, all I found are people teaching how to just set Photo Viewer as the default instead of Photo App. This one person had a similar problem but do I really have to hack the registry to do this if it would even help?

    Edit can't add link apparently but if you just google "windows 10 photo viewer instances", you'll find the thread first result.

    Mind Blown.
    You should see the messages I send feedback when popups asks how I like windows10.
    I fear for the well being of the people who make this stuff.
    03-12-2016 12:57 AM
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    In settings you can easily manage the default apps with which Windows opens files. There is no full blown Adobe Photoshop like app in the standard apps which come with Windows, but you could download Irfanview for instance and set that program as a default to open your pictures.
    03-12-2016 03:33 AM

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