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    I need to create a second account on my Windows 10 PC using my personal email address, but when I try to do this, I get this error:

    "This email is part of a reserved domain. Please enter a different email address."

    The email address I am using is a personal email address I own and I own the domain.

    I have tried to create the account on signup.live.com as well as in Settings => Accounts in Windows 10.

    I receive the same error message in both places. I called Microsoft support and the rep said I would have to use a different email address. I have created Microsoft accounts using different domains hosted by the same web host before and have had no problems. This has been going on for months now and I've just now decided to ask for help.

    Is this a technical problem that I can rectify or is there anything I can ask Microsoft to do to allow my domain to create accounts?

    04-08-2016 02:50 PM
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    Hey, I think I had a similar issue once. Created my account via cmd: How to Create an Admin User Account Using CMD Prompt (Windows) Operating Systems

    Not sure if I used those steps, but they should get the job done

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    04-17-2016 05:20 PM

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