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    i have the samsung ativ tab 3 300tzc and the upgrade to windows 10 popup was there and so i did. however, i initially had to go back since some of the apps werent windows 10 ready. then i noticed one morning i charged it fully and when i turned it on it shut down and said battery dead. when i got home and connected the charger it would show its connected but it wouldn't move from 0% however i would still be able to use it. Then one night i was using it again and it froze so i turned it off to restart it and it never came back on :( . Ive been charging it and the blue light would come on but that's about it. I happen to live in one of the small caribbean islands and I've tried to places here but they said there is nothing they can do right now..... :( i really do love my tablet and i would like to know if you guys have any ideas as to what can be done?
    04-18-2016 07:51 AM

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