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    I've been experience these bad renderings in Firefox when browsing/switching tabs and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to fix them? For example:

    http:// i64.tinypic. com/1icvm9.png

    Any ideas?

    I tried disabling the 'hardware accelerator' feature however it just made my Firefox horrendously slow when browsing especially when playing Youtube videos in fullscreen mode.

    I've tried Edge and that seems fine but it doesn't seem to have plugin support yet. :(

    All my OS and browser patches are up to date and my surface pro 4 machine contains the M3 processor.

    04-19-2016 08:02 AM
  2. v535's Avatar
    Its better to take it to MS care center. I think screen or board are faulty causing garbled images.
    04-19-2016 09:57 AM

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