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    cannot find groove in UAE apple store? when will it be available?
    05-15-2016 07:47 AM
  2. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    cannot find groove in UAE apple store? when will it be available?
    you mean groove music? It's a windows app meant for windows 10 devices, I don't think it would appear in other app stores unless Microsoft decides to release it

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    05-17-2016 02:49 AM
  3. PepperdotNet's Avatar
    I did a bing search for "itunes groove music"
    Install the Groove music app on your iPhone or iOS device

    Here's how:
    1.Go to the App Store on your iPhone or other iOS device.
    2.Select Search and enter Microsoft Groove.
    3.Select Microsoft Groove, select Get, and then select Install. Note: If you previously installed Groove, select the cloud icon to install it again.
    4.Enter your Apple ID and password.

    Groove will begin to download. After the download is complete, the app will install automatically.
    So, it appears the app is available for iOS. If it's not in your specific (UAE) regional store, then Microsoft forgot or intentionally decided not to make it available there for some reason. Not to bring politics or religion into the discussion, but I would wager that there are legal restrictions/hurdles in Islamic countries because of the objectionable western music.
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    05-17-2016 09:08 AM

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