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    Until the latest W10 cumulative update, if I viewed (say) an email that had just come in by clicking directly on to the app tile, the notification would automatically get cleared from the action centre. I did not need to go in to action centre and manually clear it out every so often. It was self maintaining, effectively. Nice.

    Now, post update, all my W10 installs (including a phone) are leaving old notifications in the action centre. The tile indicator is removed after viewing, but not the notification. It clears if I go directly to the notification concerned to view the email, but not if I use the more convenient tile.

    This is true of all windows notifications. Not just email. I use email as an example.

    This manual action centre maintenance is not for me, and seems like an unnecessary step. Is there a way to turn automatic notification dismissal back on? Or could this be a bug that MS are working on?

    Any guidance gratefully received.
    05-16-2016 01:37 PM

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