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    So while upgrading L1520 to build 14342.1003, after the churning to gears has stopped the phone restarted and then switched off. Its not stuck on the blue windows logo, there is nothing on the display. I waited for 40-50 mins and then did the soft reset(volume down key + power key) the phone restarted, the Nokia logo appeared and once the windows blue logo came up. It sit on that logo for a second or two and then goes blank (I think it shuts down). The device recovery tool recognizes the phone even when the screen is blank but does not show me the recovery option on the "Reading device information" screen. Is my phone bricked? Is there anyway to recover my phone from this state? The device recovery tool seems to be eternally waiting on "Reading device information" screen.
    Please help!
    05-19-2016 06:50 PM

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