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    Absolutely. I am facing the same problem and there has been hardly anybody reporting this issue. This is my story:

    * Using my outlook account since trying Windows 10 Preview but never faced this issue ever.

    * Using the new version of outlook webmail "Outlook Mail" not the old one which shows "Outlook" only in the header bar since a very long time. [Note: Not a preview]

    * On clicking my picture to the right, I find my name displayed and below that instead of my actual email address, a weird alphanumeric string is displayed.


    John Smith


    * Replace xxxxxx with more hexadecimal digits.

    * I also have a hotmail address which has been upgraded to the new "Outlook Mail" (not a preview either) but here I am facing no issues at all. There it shows:

    John Smith


    Need more input on this. Thanking everyone in advance.

    --- An observation ---

    * This issue persists only on Outlook Mail, Outlook People, Outlook Calendar.... where the link shows xyz.outlook.com/owa

    * When I open Skydrive or Word or Excel, etc.... where the link shows xyz.live.com/xyz.... (which is the old outlook link / server) I am able to see my name and below it my proper mail address...
    06-05-2016 06:48 AM

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