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    Hello everyone I am a new owner here of the MB2 for just over a week now. Very nice device I like it a lot. I have a few questions regarding the heart rate readings.

    I understand that the sensor tracks every minute during exercise, and every 10 minutes during rest..if I'm not mistaken. Whenever I look at the Home Screen, with the HR displayed next to clock, sometimes the heart icon is transparent, and sometimes it's filled/white.

    Would I be right in assuming that the transparent heart means last HR recorded within last 10 minutes? I know that the filled heart is present time tracking.

    Lastly, when I command for HR check (by selecting the Home Screen, then swiping all the way to HR), it usually does a good job at finding the HR. However, I've noticed that at times it can instantly get a higher reading than expected, then it will gradually count down to my actual resting HR, which can take approximately 5-10 secs. Also, when it does manage to get my actual HR, at times it will stay constant, then for a second or two it will spike to about 10 bpm over, then quickly jump back down to my actual HR.

    My concern is if this is a normal functioning behaviour of the MB2? Are any others experiencing the same behaviours as such or should I be worried about a defective unit and seek a replacement?
    07-03-2016 12:08 AM

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