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    Hello there, In India at 1st place, if you are running windows 10 on a mobile, you are hands off the single soul, because service centres here, say, it isn't yet available yet for normal consumers, That aside, I am about to update my mobile on 10586.smth latest build l, After completing should I await the upcoming anniversary Jargon, to turn the game on even more, Is it any different to current set of improvements, that said I did those on my cellular dat on 4G, so that poses a gr8 question of cost, in mind.
    08-03-2016 09:08 PM
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    I would only upgrade to the production build of 10586 and then wait for the upgrade to the Anniversary Edition. It should follow shortly over the next few weeks. Windows 10 Mobile has many improvements, so I would say it is worth it.

    While the main upgrades... 8.1 to 10586 use a lot of data (3GB), the monthly updates are much smaller.
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    08-04-2016 12:18 AM

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