1. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    The company I work for has a few dozen pcs on windows 10. The funny thing is none of them have received the AU. The IT guys aren't aware of any new updates

    So for pc users in the business sector, where the pcs are managed by the company, is the AU update delayed by a certain amount? Or is it that the IT department will manage the update process?
    08-07-2016 02:27 AM
  2. Bobvfr's Avatar
    On my desktop that I upgraded using the Windows Upgrade assistant on Wednesday I noticed last night a screen came up and said "Your PC is now eligible for the upgrade", it disappeared very quickly, so some PC's are still on roll out, it could be they just haven't seen it as it is a weekend.

    Of course it could also be they are down to the IT department to do it as well.
    08-07-2016 02:48 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    There's a branch for business that gets security updates on-time but has feature updates like the AU delayed for several months. I'm pretty sure IT has a lot of control too.

    Also, there's a "mission critical" option for some businesses or public services that stay on one version for several years.
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    08-07-2016 09:44 AM
  4. RumoredNow's Avatar
    You may want to look at this article: Windows 10's 1607 becomes the enterprise deployment default | Computerworld

    For most corporate PCs, the former 10 years of support shrank to 12-18 months, the span between the designation of a version as ready for the "Current Branch for Business" (CBB) track and the appearance of that version's second successor on the CBB.

    1607 just hit the "Current Branch" (CB) the track designed for consumers -- and designed to use consumers as testers -- but won't be okayed for the CBB until some future date, most likely four months from now, or in late 2016.
    08-07-2016 12:33 PM
  5. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    My boss' computer got the AU on 2nd September or 3rd September, don't know when it started downloading. It updated to 14393.0 and then I checked for updates again and it updated to 14393.105

    I haven't seen any issues -he'll have to check it himself once he's back from leave
    09-04-2016 02:35 PM

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