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    When using cortana on my band 2 it always comes up as turn on blue tooth or make sure its connected. I just recently decided to switch to the Microsoft platform because I could use cortana with my voice and band 2. I went through hell and back trying to convert my android info into the Microsoft eco system. I don't know why im so determined and stubborn to keep trying with Microsoft. Your products on paper seem so superior but in reality are sub par. The only reason I switched to a microsoft phone was the voice connectivity with cortana. What I found is that the band worked better with android as well as all the other apps that are cross functional. Why on earth does a Microsoft product have so many issues talking with its own brand. I think i'm returning the phone and possibly even the band, even after returning to the store 5 times and wasting so much of my time. I'm disappointed Microsoft, yet will probably still keep trying your products, why why why./
    08-08-2016 05:04 PM

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