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    I have the Lenova H50-55 desktop that came with Windows 10 home version 1511 Build 10586.494. A couple of days ago I had the new anniversary update to come through and started installing. This ran for over 8 hours and still never finished so I shut it down by pushing the power button ( which was the only way because I had a black screen with a little round circle of dots going round and round) ( no way to get off that screen). Anyway after restarting this way about 4 different times before I ever got a screen to come up that I could possible fix the issue. So first off I asked it to try and repair, which it could not do. Then I tried for a restore point, but apparently the update got rid of all of those., so I finally told it to reinstall windows. Guess it did it from the computer as I have no disk for this machine. When it did come up finally I had Windows 10 Version 1607, which was what the anniversary update was. I ran a scan disk and everything was ok. And according to the Lanova program it ran all the test and came up everything was fine. So I preceded to reinstall my internet security program and Office 2010. I had no problems with either, and the machine was turning off and on as normal with no problems. This was two days ago, then today I turned it on, I have this black screen again with that little round circle of dots going round and round with no way out of it. Tried turning off and on again by the button on top of computer, which nothing helped, except at one time I did get a screen come up that said >>Checking Media Presence>>Media Present>>Start PXE over IPv4, then it changed to >>Checking Media Presence>> Media Present>>Start PXE over IPv6 - then after a while the words " No media Present the boot sequence with repeat again. It did this several times until I finally just hard shut it down again. Now I don't even get that --- just that darn black screen with the little round dots going round and round. The light that should be blinking because it is working only works for a very short time, and then it stops. Now What????? I have a lot of files on this computer that I do not want to loose. This machine is not very old for me, in fact I just paid it off. Please help.
    08-17-2016 03:40 PM
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    there's something corrupting the update process, that's what I can say for now. You'll have to talk to a Microsoft support person to get more help

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    08-18-2016 04:33 AM
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    PXE booting is about booting from a network drive, which is pretty exotic and not likely your intention. Go into your firmware and disable PXE booting. I don't know if that will help but it might, and it should be off anyway.

    Do you have an SSD boot drive? A secondary HDD drive as well? Any apps or any of the default document/media folders moved to your HDD? There is a known bug with the Anniversary Update that will often boot you to a black screen in such circumstances, where things do progress but at a very slow speed.
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    08-18-2016 09:00 AM

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