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    Synology CloudSync app deletes on NAS online moved files and re download them again to destination folder instead of reflecting the online done move change only.

    Because of this functionality bug:
    1. Synology CloudSync "steels" internet transfer capacity (monthly quota)
    2. Synology CloudSync "steel" internet bandwidth on user internet line
    3.Synology CloudSync "steels" internet bandwidth on internet service provider, what is often relevant in poor infrastructure countryside environment!!!

    All the regret effort is made for a simple move commands not executed properly.

    Although I contacted Synology Support several times with quality bug description and instruction to reproduce the trouble they never came back with solution.

    Maybe some of the competent Forum expert can give some statement:
    1. Is this bug due to Microsoft provided API restriction what does not allow Synology to solve the bug?

    2. Is it lack of knowledge at Synology to program a simple "move file from folder A to folder B"

    3. Is there a document/info I can send to Synology and Microsoft to fix this bug?

    This issue may appear minor on high speed flatmate internet.....but with widespread cloud usage blind load on internet bandwidth without a visible benefit to customer will become an efficiency issue for service provider.
    08-30-2016 07:34 PM
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    First, your English is crap. I had to read everything three times before getting any sense of it,

    Second, looks like you have Synology setup to recover removed files. There is tick-box that will either delete file from NAS/cloud/Other destinations or will re-fetch it from the local copy...

    Synology does not steel the bandwidth/quota, it is how CloudSync works. About 70% of my Customers enjoy using this product... There is no bug, any type of sync works that way. You can limit what you want to sync in advanced settings...
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    08-31-2016 01:46 PM
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    Synology CloudSync does not know "move file" command?

    While set to "one way sync" (Sync ONEDRIVE cloud changes >>> to local NAS):
    CloudSync is deleting local file in folder A just to download this file a second later to folder B to reflect a "move file" action done in the cloud.

    Why is there no simple "move" performed to avoid these insane re download of a file what is already locally stored?

    Who can help Synology to program a simple "move file from A to B"?
    08-31-2016 04:31 PM
  4. Ramamara's Avatar
    ....Synology does not steel the bandwidth/quota, it is how CloudSync works.....
    ... sounds like "this is not a bug.... this is a feature" response from Apple Boys ;-)

    @melhiore: the refetch function will cause a re download of a file from cloud if it has been deleted locally.

    The GUEST post is related to the problem that "Cloud file moves" are translated to "delete file in folder A" followed by "download file to folder B"
    08-31-2016 05:08 PM
  5. melhiore's Avatar
    To be honest I am still having problems understanding the PO. I use Synology and Cloud Sync to sync all my cloud storage for me and the rest of my family, my friends and Customers. If you set this up correctly everything works fine w/o any "bugs". And I do sync multiple OneDrive account w/o any issues. And yes, I am moving file between OneDrive folders very often...
    09-01-2016 02:19 AM
  6. melhiore's Avatar
    Synology CloudSync does not know "move file" command?

    Who can help Synology to program a simple "move file from A to B"?
    Well, synchronization works that way. Every time you making the change to file/folder, those changes are being mapped to the Synology storage. If you delete the file from one location and create this file in another location Synology does not have idea if this file is the same item. It will delete file from one place and download "new" file to/from new place... That is how it works. It is not only this product. Synology, FreeNAS, NASforFREE, QNAP will all do the same. NAS storage does not trace files. It monitors changes in the content of the connected storage. This could be OneDrive, Google Drive, Box etc... NAS does not have a clue what you doing in the Cloud storage, NAS simply maps the changes after they have been made... It is not the case of simple "move" command...
    09-01-2016 02:35 AM
  7. Ramamara's Avatar
    Thank You Melhiore for your serious information!

    Sad to hear that Synology CloudSync can't mirror a simple "move file" command performed in cloud.

    This poor functionality has caused me loosing internet access after a few days for 3months. Even before monthly quota has been used up the small bandwidth available here on countryside has been occupied by this insane re download.

    Believe me or not I really dived into details, contacted Synology team several times.
    Non of technical details provided so far give me the confidence that CloudSync is a professional tool for cloud content synchronisation.

    I'm glad that you confirmed that the Synology software is not able to mirror simple "move file" command, so no misunderstanding on that.

    But I can't confirm the statement that CloudSync is just downloading/deleting files to mirror the cloud file situation.
    When I survified the first desaster wave I came to same conclusion. But it can't be that simple.

    Since I don't wanted to loose all my monthly quota and bandwidth again on regret CloudSync downloads, I spent some extra effort to pre sync all cloud changes manually in offline mode on NAS to avoid any need for downloads!
    Yes, I really manually moved all local files exactly to same folders as I did in the cloud. After manually verification that folder structure and file content are 100% identically, only then I went back online and switched on CloudSync.
    Expecting just a short and simple delta check/ sync check, I was surprised to find CloudSync downloading relevant files again!!!

    Beside this I had some additional reliability problem with CloudSync what made the situation rally hopeless!
    99% of files have been simple photo files from mobil phones, compact cameras.
    Some of the files caused CloudSync to download them again and again in endless loop. So I had been banned from internet for several weeks again.
    Even worse, CloudSync has no error log to identify what files are causing trouble. They have been downloaded slowly to 100% just to re start download from 0% a second later.
    I needed hours to identify the files. I've been given the advise just to move the relevant files to another folder in the cloud and that move fixed the problem of endless loop downloads.

    I do not understand where the problem is to program a simple command "move file X from folder A to Folder B".
    There should be always an event log available to allow to mirror cloud changes to NAS.
    Even this piece of blamed Synology software has an event log file allowing to trace timeline of events (delete, download, merge?) file details, order of events etc.

    "Move file from A to B" does not appear more complex than "Download file to B" Followed by second command "Delete file from A"

    I fully understand that IT staff do not have an obvious issue with small bandwidth and monthly quota....but I'm sure there are enough stakeholder out there wondering how this blind load will impact internet service with increasing popularity of cloud services!

    and therefore my question here:
    Who can help Synology to program a simple "move file from A to B"?

    09-01-2016 07:02 AM
  8. melhiore's Avatar
    Thank You Melhiore for your serious information!

    and therefore my question here:
    Who can help Synology to program a simple "move file from A to B"?

    You don't get it, do you?? It is how cloud sync is designed. That is how it works, there is no option to mirror cloud move to Synology as the copy/cut > paste operation is not handled by Synology. There is no way Synology can do that. You making the move on SEPARATE COMPUTER, separate OS, separate everything... You seem to have problems understanding basic concepts. There is no Synology or Microsoft fault. Those things work this way for a reason.

    I also do not think that you get the fact that Synology is one of the biggest manufacturers of SOHO graded NAS solutions. More than that, they do a lot of rack mounted Data Centre graded kit. They know what they do. I am sure they do not need anyone's help in programming SIMPLE stuff. If this option was available they would probably use it already...
    09-01-2016 09:49 AM

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