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    I want to create my portable speaker box. I am new so please give me some more patience .
    My idea is use TP4056 chargers to charge two li-ion, then via step-up boost modules feed PAM8403 3W amp, and PAM8610 10W amp. I will use two 4Ohm 3W bass speakers and two 4Ohm 6W full-range speakers. Enclosure will be from wood. I don't know if it's good to use a sealed enclosure or one with bass reflex.And my question is, if the scheme is correct or incorrect.
    Much appreciated.
    09-03-2016 01:49 AM
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    There's a few things wrong with this.

    1) I would never choose to Boost from a battery except for very small current loads. Boost converters draw an incredible amount of peak current that your batteries likely won't be able to take. This is often why you see cells in series since the buck converter's current draw is much less stress on the battery. Boosting from the 5V supply to charge the batteries would be much easier since you can size the supply to meet the current needs of the boost.

    2) Always size you speakers so that they exceed the wattage your amp can produce. Those 6W speakers are going to blow out when you crank it loud.

    3) Never use wood for speakers. It sucks. The acoustic properties of wood do not make good speakers. All the "wood" speakers you see are actually MDF with a wood veneer (or vinyl) applied over top.

    4) Sealed versus ported are all things that depend on the actual speakers themselves. This is always a nice site to visit to help with that. Speaker Box Calculator

    5) Misc other things I've noticed that don't strike me as a good idea:
    You use TP4056 on your project.
    There's no signal buffering amp on the input. It might also be nice if you showed the filter you were going to use to pass the bass to one speaker set and the rest to the other.
    One of your amps has a DC volume control, the other doesn't. That means when you turn the volume down, the bass will still be blasting.
    No mention of non-linearity compensating networks (Zobel, Notch, D-Pad)
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    09-03-2016 01:57 AM

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