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    Actually im using Lumia 1320,my phone inbuilt storage memory is decreasing greatl galax gradually from 1.4GB free space beli before I installed release preview build of windows10. That free sourc space come to now 650MB. From the beginning I changed storage options for saving any thing in SD card. So please tell me anyway to free up that memory..!!my mail I.d : [Mod edit: personal e-mail removed] Thankq sir/madam.
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    Firstly never ever publish your email address on the web, you phones free space will soon file up with emails and viruses, there are "Bots" (Computers) that scan the web on a continual basis looking for email address (Hopefully for you a moderator will come along and edit it out if you don't do it quickly).

    Go into settings then system and finally storage.

    Near the top you will see "This device" and "SD Card", click on THIS DEVICE and it will open to show you what is using up your space, you can click on each section for a further breakdown and then follow the instructions on how to uninstall stuff.
    09-04-2016 03:42 AM
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    you might need to remove maps downloaded, remove apps and if that doesn't work, a factory reset will solve it

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