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    Folder Lock 7 from newsoftwares.net. I bought it. Installed it. Encrypted a folder. Windows Defender immediately detected the file "Folder Lock Portable.exe" as Trojan:Win32/Mefurac.E!cl with an alert of severe; when you go to open the encrypted folder using the EXE "Folder Lock Portable.exe". Windows Defender included this Trojan in it's definitions in JUNE/2016.

    The file "Folder Lock Portable.exe" gets created "on-the-fly" with a creation date & time of the current date & time and gets put into "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\Folder Lock Portable.exe". The program that creates this file is of the same name located on the drive where you encrypted the file or folder.

    I think this program should be removed from Windows Central until it is confirmed "clean". I have submitted the EXE that gets created on-the-fly to several anti-virus vendors and Malwarebytes.

    I have got 2 blue screens with this installed of which I've never had with Windows 10 to date. I have removed this program for now until feedback from submissions. I have also contacted newsoftwares.net.
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    I have results in from every major virus vendors and Malwarebytes. The EXE from the Folder Lock program (yes, I'm calling it a program ), is clean. Microsoft wrote back stating that they will update definitions to exclude the EXE from being detected as a trojan.

    This is another confirmation for us that Windows Defender (see some of my other threads about Windows Defender) is not a good source for protection; MS seems to lag behind almost 2 months on definitions. I guess if you are not a heavy computer user, Windows Defender will be "ok". In this case, a false positive was detected in Windows Defender, while Malwarebytes and Avast (what we use on our main PC's); detected no threat. We've also tested Windows Defender by throwing a known virus at it of which it did not detect while Avast did (Malwarebytes didn't detect as it wasn't malware).

    Now I have to figure out why this program is causing blue screens! I will re-install the program on my primary PC and see how it goes. The PC I originally installed on is an out-of-box Windows 10 used only for Insider Previews; thus no antivirus or malware protection other than Windows Defender.

    On the subject of Folder Lock, it works similar to Magic Folders. It only hides the folder from viewing on the OS it's installed on. If you dual-boot or put that drive in another computer, those files/folders are view-able. It's superficial. However, if you encrypt it; then it's not view-able unless you have that EXE they put with it and know it's password. I'm guessing similar to how Windows 10 encrypts files? (I've never used it). So really, these programs you don't really need as I assume Windows 10 does the same?

    OK, now back to real work!
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    I personally use Kaspersky and it has never failed me these many years
    And super anti spyware for getting rid of unwanted cookies and malware
    09-12-2016 07:34 AM

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