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    Having failed to be able to update to Windows Phone 10 many times, I was using 8.1 until yesterday on my Lumia 620 LTE. A Windows Central message made me think I should try again and I spent 1/2 the afternoon "upgrading."

    Is it worth it? The upgrading process asserted so, saying "it will be worth the wait." I'm not so sure.

    My favorite app is the music player. Near as I could tell, they called that Xbox Music in 8.0 and 8.1. In 10 there's a _new_ app called Groove Music. Evidently, Xbox Music isn't available for Windows 10. I searched in the Store and it wasn't there. Groove Music has a new look but apparently (I spent maybe 20 minutes looking it over) has very similar functionality. The basic stuff is there. My problem with it is the FF and REW functionality when I play my MP3s. More often than not I play 3 hour long MP3s. If I'm using Xbox Music, and I'm, say, at 1:49 and I put my finger on and hold the > icon, it started to FF at a very modest rate but as long as I keep my finger on the icon the rate gradually increases. I LOVE that functionality. It does the same thing with the < REW function. In Groove Music I'm stuck with the one slow rate. That sucks. It's way harder to move to where I want to go in my 3 hour MP3s. I searched for other music players in the Store but the two I tried were laughably awful, same thing when I was running Windows Phone 8.x (I had some issues with Xbox Music and hoped there was a better MP3 player but couldn't find anything worth a damn from my point of view).

    One of my Sansa M250 players (the version 2 firmware version -- there are two distinct hardware/firmware sets) supports accelerating FF/REW, but the algorithm sucks, it accelerates way too fast. Xbox Music, though, got that right, it's perfect. Last night I posted feedback to MS about Windows 10 on the issue (had to choose Feature or Problem, could have said either, I chose Feature). Who knows if they will do anything about it.

    I'm actually thinking I may use my old Nokia Lumia 520 running Windows Phone 8.1 for MP3 music, using Xbox Music. Sucks because I won't have data on it unless I pay for a 2nd plan.
    09-14-2016 09:17 AM
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    You could also tap the progress line for the music/songs so you can move ahead without using the forward or rewind buttons

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    09-15-2016 04:39 AM

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