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    Windows 10 beginning with windows update 1511 the Bluetooth audio channel opens when sound is detected and closes after 2 or 3 seconds when no sound detected causing pop sounds. This has been tested with various Bluetooth speakers and headsets on 4 devices, two desktops with Bluetooth dongles, a surface pro 2 and a windows 10 laptop. All audio and Bluetooth device drivers have been updated. Tested various device manager setting such as power management modes disabling power saver feature etc. Audio property setting have also been changed such as disabling enhancements etc.

    From extensive testing I have concluded that windows 10 (currently all devices running anniversary update), open audio channel when sound is detected this slight delay causes device to pop, 2 - 3 second after audio has ceased focus is directed away from Bluetooth devices causing closing pop sound through speakers and headsets. Games, music, movies experience no popping after initial start as focus for Bluetooth audio device is dedicated to that device.

    The problem is annoyingly apparent when navigating though file explorer when opens folders causes pop sounds due to folder opening sound only lasting less that a second.

    Initial windows 10 upgrade did not have this problem nor did windows 7, only occurred from update 1511 and above when Bluetooth networking features were introduced.

    Is there any resolution to this problem that anyone has found?

    10-05-2016 09:06 PM
  2. Eric Ralph's Avatar
    I believe that I am experiencing the EXACT same problem, and it is absolutely infuriating. I've tried dozens of different methods of fixing it to absolutely no avail. Popping and crackling sounds occur whenever the speakers have become inactive for a second or so (pausing and starting music and opening YouTube videos are my best methods of consistently causing the noise). If I, say, play ambient music indefinitely in the background, the popping will generally disappear until points of silence return.

    I would be eternally grateful to anyone with any ideas as to how I might fix this, I am literally losing my mind and avoiding using my desktop at this point.
    11-04-2016 06:45 AM
  3. Sarkreth's Avatar
    I'm had this problem with a different setup, and although I didn't solve the problem 100%, I made it livable-with. Basically, you need to turn up the volume in your audio path BEFORE the stage that generates the pop.

    In my case, my signal path was:
    Android phone --> Hosa Bluetooth receiver --> speaker
    with volume controls on the Android and the speaker.

    The Hosa was the device that was generating the pop, so the key was to turn the volume up all the way on the phone, and turn down the speaker accordingly. The Hosa now outputs a higher signal relative to the pop that it generates, so it's much less annoying.

    A true solution is probably beyond d-i-y, since it would involve altering the circuitry of the Hosa.
    12-23-2018 07:57 PM

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