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    So I purchased the 8GB RAM, i5, 256GB Model a few days ago on the 4th of October. The type cover that I wanted wasn't available hence i couldn't purchase it.

    On the day I got it, there were no issues. I used it for about an hour for initial set up and added some notes to calendar.

    Next day I used it in class to take down notes on onenote and use voice recorder to record the lecture. They both worked smoothly.

    Following that I installed imo and google chrome. I wasn't able to enter my details to set up imo as the keyboard wasn't popping up. Hence I had to restart at every step to get the keyboard to show up on screen.

    Today, I activated the mcaffee internet security key and it was all fine. A while later i tried setting up chrome as my default browser but couldn't. I then left the device and it went to sleep. I came back,clicked the power button and logged in using Hello. However the touch screen wasn't working! i tried to restart using power button but it asked for an additional step to swipe down. Since my touch screen wasn't working, i couldn't. Finally i clicked on the power and it went to sleep again. Then the camera couldn't turn on. For 5 effing minutes, it kept saying "turning camera on". I remembered i had a pin set up so i connected a usb enabled mouse only to realize that there was no virtual keyboard.

    Finally, after awhile i managed to log in. The touch screen was still unresponsive so i used the mouse to restart it. It took ages and the fan got really loud. That's when i realized it was updating.
    Thought everything will be better after the update but then I noticed a few more things:

    The brightness kept adjusting so i disabled auto-brightness. It still kept changing! I set it at 8% and the screen kept flickering! Strangely it doesn't happen at 0%. Only between 1 and 10.

    Finally I went to check for more updates and saw there were a few updates and 2 of them were downloading and 1 was "waiting to install". Download percentage was 0 though and it has not made any progress even after hours. My wifi has been working fine and i am browsing with no problems.

    Oh one more thing, sometimes the keyboard pops back down after typing the first letter and the device does heats up a little bit

    So do these problems get better or should i just return it? I am leaning towards the latter one. I used Macbook Air prior to it and it never gave me any such problems. I have a 7 day return/exchange policy although I am not that sure as I am in Dubai where customer service is almost non-existent.
    10-07-2016 10:38 PM
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    Hi To me this is a no brainier! You bought this on October 4 and you have all these problems. If you can return/exchange this product, that's what I would do.
    Do you think things will get better?? I really doubt that! I'm really sorry you are having so many problems and I would be very upset if this happened to me!
    10-07-2016 11:55 PM

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