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    Twice my acer laptop has frozen and become completely unresponsive - the cursor won't move, all the keys are ineffective and even the power button won't work - since the acer doesn't have an easily removable battery, there is also no way of shutting it down. The first time this happened I did something (but I don't know what) that restarted it and I then got an error message about something like "system stop"), but the second time nothing would work and the only solution was to let the battery drain. How do I prevent this? I have removed the latest system update as I suspect this is the cause, but I don't know what else to do. I am running Windows 10 on an acer aspire. Any suggestions gratefully received ! Jeff
    10-08-2016 05:06 AM
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    You should probably try to refresh the system.

    Settings > update > recovery > reset this pc > get started > keep my files

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    10-08-2016 09:50 AM

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