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    Hi there, I'm wondering if you can help me...

    Up until a few days ago my Satellite Click Mini with Windows 10 on it has been completely fine... I was creating a movie on Live Movie Maker so I was downloading some footage from an SD card when a message popped up saying that the files on the movie maker couldn't load as there was not enough disk space; which there wasn't as I had completely filled the small drive with videos. Then all the videos on the movie maker acted corrupt, so I closed it so I wouldn't lose any footage, only to find that all the thumbnails in all my folders would not appear, and that some of the icons in the task bar appear invisible, but I can still click on them?? The task bar icons have disappeared before but have reappeared, but this time it hasn't resolved after several days.

    If I double click a video in the Movie Maker to try and 'find the file location', it makes my screen go blank and I can't do anything with it unless I hold the power button and fiddle around with it for ages for it to turn back on. This is really frustrating for me as I'm afraid that moving the Movie Maker files to another computer won't allow me to continue my project. I did delete a few files so there is more room on the computer (around 250MB), but still nothing. However, if I do refresh the page some of the photo thumbnails appear for a few seconds then disappear back to no thumbnails.

    Please help!
    10-15-2016 07:37 AM

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