1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    I tried to replace them thinking I had done this.
    I found that all the pictures were missing for them too.
    Never mind put the tiles back.

    Then found those contacts had been doubled or even quadrupled and had to link them all to get the messages etc.

    Was this an fault of an overnight upgrade or an Outlook [or hotmail or outlook.com or outlook mail or mail or whatever it is] update/upgrade.

    Is this going to happen to all my windows phones.
    10-19-2016 01:54 AM
  2. Horvath Gyorgy1's Avatar
    It has happened to Lumia 535 running on 8.1 and then one month later on a Lumia 640 running W10 latest update. Shame on you Microsoft, this is a ****tty service. They say your pictures are finally lost and neither they nor you can do anything about it. WTF?
    10-19-2016 11:27 AM
  3. shmsnh's Avatar
    The contact photos do disappear after your email is migrated to the new Outlook. However, duplication of contacts is not something that I have experienced. I advise you to remove duplicates using the tool available on the web version.
    10-20-2016 05:40 AM
  4. StreakIsIntact's Avatar
    Just notices that all of my photos for my contacts on my Lumia 950XL disappeared. Contact pictures also gone from my desktop version of outlook 2016 and the web-based version as well. Chatted with MS tech support for about 30 minutes and all they said was that the photos were disabled due to issues with the server after the outlook update and that maybe next update will resolve the issue. I'm still not sure if the photos are still in the cloud and disabled or if they are gone forever. Poor execution of an upgrade...
    10-21-2016 12:21 AM
  5. shmsnh's Avatar
    I doubt those images are coming back. And I agree the execution of the upgrade was rather poor. But the upgrade itself is pretty good
    10-21-2016 03:58 AM

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